November 29, 2021

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Options Trading Expert Launches New Website with FREE Advice About How to Navigate Options Trading in the Stock Market

Options Trading Expert Launches New Website with FREE Advice About How to Navigate Options Trading in the Stock Market

Options Trading Expert Launches New Website with FREE Advice About How to Navigate Options Trading in the Stock Market

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“My options strategies are not ‘get rich quick’ stock-market schemes, but instead are focused on statistically sound principles.” Andy Crowder

Stock investing can be a time-consuming proposition for everyday investors, and options trading takes the commitment and complexity to a higher level. Now comes a new FREE resource from an options-trading expert: Andy Crowder’s Crowder Options website, aimed at helping individual investors understand and master options-trading stock strategies.

Launched in July 2021, this new website is designed to give investors a wealth of actionable trade ideas, ongoing education about options trading, and statistically-based research from Andy Crowder—to help options traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced traders.

While the Crowder Options website is new, Andy Crowder’s mission for more than 20 years has never wavered: to help investors consistently make more intelligent, more profitable trades using high-probability options strategies. The ultimate goal of the new website is to teach individual investors how to use a more quantitative, statistical, and mechanical approach to the markets while maintaining various risk-management techniques as key guiding principles.

Andy Crowder’s options-trading strategies are based on three basic ideas:

1.    Probabilities

2.    Mean reversion

3.    Active risk management

After decades of working with thousands of investors, Andy discovered that most of them are not looking for a “get rich quick” scheme or a foolproof method of trading options (there isn’t one!). What investors crave is a realistic options-trading method with a foundation in statistics, a method that uses the same strategies options professionals use: option strategies based purely on probabilities, not emotional bias, and options strategies that employ capital-preservation techniques (i.e. proper position sizing and adjustments).

More important, investors want options strategies that produce consistent, modest gains month after month, year after year—with the confidence that unnecessary risks aren’t being taken, but rather a mechanical, statistically-based set of rules are used for each and every decision.

And, thus, the Crowder Options website was born to serve options-trading investors!

FREE Periodic Content with Options-Trading Focus

Several times a week, new content is posted at the Crowder Options website—FREE to subscribers—covering the basics of options trading, advanced strategies for options trading, market analysis and perspectives, and specific trading ideas. Recent posts include:

“Position Sizing: One of the Most Important Aspects of Trading Options Successfully”

“Income Strategy Series: Selling Covered Calls for Monthly Income”

“The Best ETFs for Options Trading”

“A Bearish, Risk-Defined Options Strategy for Steady Income: Bear Call Spread, Step-By-Step Approach”

“Top Earnings Options Plays for the Week (8/2 – 8/6)”

“The Premium Wheel Options Strategy—A Conservative Options Strategy for Consistent Income”

“A Bullish, Risk-Defined Options Strategy for Steady Income: Bull Put Spread, Step-By-Step Approach”

FREE Weekly E-Newsletter

Every Saturday, subscribers receive a FREE weekly e-newsletter that summarizes all the past week’s new content, so you never miss a thing.

Two FREE Reports

Signing up for free at the new website means getting instant access to two free reports, authored by Andy Crowder:

FREE Report #1: “My 5-Step Approach to Successfully Trading Earnings Over the Long Term”

Learn how to trade around earnings announcements, effectively and with great precision.

FREE Report #2: “One of Several Key Strategies to Trading Earnings”

Learn all about “Iron Condors” and why they are one of Andy Crowder’s go-to options strategies for trading around earnings announcements.

About Andy Crowder: Andy Crowder is a professional options trader, researcher, and Chief Analyst of Crowder Options. Formerly with Oppenheimer & Co. in New York, Andy has leveraged his investment experience to develop his statistically based options-trading strategy, which applies probability theory to option valuations in order to execute risk-controlled trades. This proprietary strategy has been refined through two decades of research and real-world experience and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, and numerous other financial publications. Andy has helped thousands of option traders learn and implement his meticulous rules-driven options-trading strategies through highly attended conferences, one-on-one coaching, webinars, and his work as a financial columnist.

Contact: To request complimentary press access to Crowder Options and to speak directly with Andy, please contact Andy Crowder at [email protected] or (802) 585-4636. Follow Andy and Crowder Options on Twitter @ACrowder and on Facebook @CrowderOptions

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