November 29, 2021

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McCarthy: My ‘fists were itching’ for SuperSport United’s Tembo

McCarthy: My ‘fists were itching’ for SuperSport United’s Tembo

McCarthy: My ‘fists were itching’ for SuperSport United’s Tembo

The Usuthu tactician was captured live on television boiling with anger while ranting at the Matsatsantsa bench

AmaZulu coach Benni McCarthy says if last week’s brush with SuperSport United’s Kaitano Tembo was “away from a football match” then it would have been a completely different outcome.

The two coaches traded words during their 0-0 Premier Soccer League draw at Jonsson Kings Park Stadium.

But it was McCarthy whose touchline tirade was captured live on television as he called Tembo “broke” while promising to “get deep” with his Matsatsantsa counterpart.

“I said if he thinks he has any right to call me what he did, the next time it won’t be as kind,” McCarthy told Metro FM’s Ultimate Sports Show.

“We are in a sport where young people are watching so we have to be examples, but that was not an example. If it was anywhere else away from the football pitch with cameras, it would have been a completely different outcome. He would have known what was coming because my fists were itching. 

“People must understand, I am very calm. When I react it’s always a big problem.

“I’m very respectful to all the coaches in the league. Unless you overstep your boundaries and start saying things to me or about my players, then, of course, you are asking for me to intervene and I will gladly oblige.” 

McCarthy has given his side of the story about what transpired on that evening, explaining what made his volcanic temper erupt.

“There are certain things I don’t think you should ever say even to your worst enemy. In football, yes, we are angry and that,” said McCarthy.

“But if someone calls you a certain thing, that I would never ever say about players or coaches regarding their families, what was said to me, all that I did was react. 

“The SuperSport bench was putting a lot of pressure on the referee. When they started doing this, we were told to sit down but it’s okay for the opposition to do it. 

“Then I said to the opposition coach, ‘you can’t tell us to sit down when you guys are doing the same thing and you are pressing the referee for every decision to go your way and it’s okay we must sit back. Now we are also going to press him.’

“Then I was told to shut up you c***. For me, that was the ultimate [provocation]. Someone calls me a c*** which I’m definitely not. If someone calls me that, now it’s not about football, you are attacking the individual. 

“Of course I have every single right to stand up for myself and that’s exactly what I did. I am not going to be bullied by a coach or anyone else. People who know me, know that is the mother of all insults. I will never do wrong to anyone if you don’t do me wrong first.

“I stand up for myself and I am now made to be the villain, I’m the bad guy. And the person who started all this whole saga is the one in good light being called, ‘oh what a fantastic guy, what a marvelous coach, what a good example this and that.’ What example? You are not an example if you call me what you did. 

“I don’t care if I lose all the respect from people because I stand up for myself.”

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