December 5, 2021

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FirstRec – The Voice Recorder Specially Designed to Foster Independence and Education, Launches on Kickstarter

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FirstRec – The Voice Recorder Specially Designed to Foster Independence and Education, Launches on Kickstarter

Atlanta, GA, September 22, 2021 –(– aTTo Digital announces the launch of their second voice recorder on Kickstarter. FirstRec is designed to make recording accessible for everyone, including toddlers, elders, people with disabilities and more, with an emphasis on building inclusion by bringing far more empowerment, support and independence to vulnerable groups in society.

Many of us probably do not know too much about assistive technology available nowadays, but this type of technology is crucial to helping people with hearing loss or a voice, speech, or language disorder to communicate more meaningfully.

FirstRec is designed to assist children and adults alike with their education, skills development, and everyday tasks more easily, quickly and accurately.

Basically, anyone can use it – from happy toddlers that experience the sound of their own voice, to students that need a smart studying tool, business people, artists, and even elder persons that need assistance in remembering essential information.

It is proven that voice memos help seniors with memory loss or even provide gentle reminders when needed, to promote independence and autonomy, manage potential safety risks around the home, as well as reducing stress so that is why FirstRec has the KindReminder button.

The KR button will keep flashing to remind the seniors to listen to the message recorder. Aside of reminding your seniors important tasks, hearing familiar voice swill help them calm down when disoriented, while also helping them to retain their sense of independence.

FirstRec is the only voice recorder designed with bigger and tactile buttons as well as a large colored O-LED screen to help with intuitive operation.

FirstRec is fun an easy to use and it supports children of all ages to develop their speaking and listening skills, which makes it the perfect tool for speech, language and literacy activities as well as a useful tool in working with children with autism.

Why is FirstRec the better and improved voice recorder?
The InstantRec button allows you to start recording in a flash second – no extra steps like turning on the device, selecting the scene mode, or adding the password. Just slide and record.

The KindReminder feature is great for memos and reminders. Press it, record and leave it. The button will flash until the message will be listened to.

The simplified menu with intuitive icons makes it easy even for toddlers or elders to set it up and use it.

The OLED color display makes it easy to read even in outdoors’s bright light and also fun to explore.

The USB-C allows easy connection and fast data transfer without worrying or damaged ports.

Password protection: You can keep your private conversations safe with the 4-digit password and speaking about privacy you can also playback the recordings directly on the device by connecting your headphones.

LineIn available to record important phone calls.

FirstRec is 20% thinner than conventional recorders, measuring only .45 inch, and weighting only 2.65 oz, which makes it the lightest of its kind.

· 8GB built-in memory
· Up to 512 kBps
· PMC & MP3 audio format
· 30H battery life
· Voice activation
· NoiseCut technology
· Shock resistant aluminum casing

PR Contact:
Twitter: @ @aTTo_digital. Skype: lorina.2bexpert

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