October 26, 2021


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DealerAddendums.com Rolls Out New Rules Based Options Capability

DealerAddendums.com Rolls Out New Rules Based Options Capability

DealerAddendums.com Rolls Out New Rules Based Options Capability

DealerAddendums.com adds ability to preload by Make Model and now Trim Packages.

DealerAddendums is a great program that will absolutely help drive profits at the dealership. The program is totally customizable and yet remains very user-friendly.–Joe Spivak– Dealer Profits, Inc.

Along with DealerAddendums.com’s unique ability to easily create, manage, and print hundreds of custom addendums in a matter of minutes, their unique rules based system allows car dealerships to assign specific options by – Make, – Model and now – Trim, making addendum creation even easier than before.

Dealerships often have hundreds of cars on their lots; vehicles that require addendums that include preloads or options specific to make, model and trim. When using DealerAddendums.com to create and print their addendums in a matter of minutes, many users asked for the ability to further refine which cars get which option packages by Trim level.

DealerAddendums.com responded by programming their system to allow users the unique ability to assign preloads to specific makes and models but also by trim level. Luxury cars, for instance, that receive high-end trim packages such as leather seats, can easily and automatically be assigned to higher end cars while base package vehicles might get cloth packages. Using DealerAddendums.com’s unique capacity to assign preloads, dealers can provide consumers with the exact preloaded Trim Package by Title, Description and Price for specific vehicle Makes and Models.

DealerAddendums provides the only integrated SaaS rules based platform for new and used vehicle dealers to automate the otherwise arduous process of creating compliant, professional and accurate addendums. This subscription service allows dealers to quickly and easily design, manage and print the legally required information about dealer-added vehicle options and features, which today drive a large percentage of dealer profits. DealerAddendums innovative platform and app are currently used by 800+ car dealers.

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