October 26, 2021


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Canelo Alvarez says he can “Break” Caleb Plant’s chin ⋆ Boxing News 24

Caleb Plant Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez says he can “Break” Caleb Plant’s chin ⋆ Boxing News 24

By Jeff Aronow: Canelo Alvarez says Caleb Plant coming from a poor background won’t save him from having his chin broke when they fight on November 6th.

IBF super middleweight champion Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) believes Canelo played the victim by justifying his physical attack on him at their kick-off press conference last Tuesday by telling the media & boxing fans by calling him a “mother f***.”

Some believe that Canelo wanted sympathy to give him an out for losing control from all the trash-talking that Plant had done. Few people think that the real reason Canelo attacked Plant was because of him calling him a “Mother f***.’

They believe the remark that set Canelo off was Plant calling him a drug cheat, which was impossible for him to refute.

Canelo says Plant isn’t on his level

“It’s a different level. They think they’re ready, but they don’t,” said Canelo Alvarez to Little Giant Boxing on Caleb Plant, believing he’s ready for him.

“I don’t know, but he’s not on my level, that’s for sure,”
said Canelo when asked what level Plant is on.

We’re going to find out on November 6th if Plant is on the same level as Canelo or not, but it won’t be surprising if he proves that he is.

If Billy Joe Saunders could fight Canelo to a standstill through six rounds, Plant is more than capable of doing the same thing.

Caleb Plant Canelo Alvarez

“He has an opportunity to show what he says. So we’ll see November 6th,” said Canelo.

I was poor too; I can break your chin. I also grew up not having anything, but I’m not going to tell everybody, so they feel pity for me and make myself the victim so they can like me for those reasons or feel compassion towards me because that’s not the way things are,” said Canelo when told that Plant said, ‘You can’t break a poor boy’s chin.’

“Everybody suffers, and everybody comes from where they come from. I come from the bottom also, selling ice cream,” said Canelo.

“But I’m not going to be telling people that I come from the bottom so they can feel pity for me. For what? We all come from the bottom,” said Canelo.

I don’t think Plant’s reason behind telling boxing fans that he was poor is to try snd get sympathy from them.

It’s more of a case of Plant to drive through the point that he won’t quit against Canelo and that he’ll be fighting as hard as possible.

Alvarez reacts to Saunders possibly retiring

“You guys know. I don’t need to be saying anything. You know what happens when I take things personally,” said Canelo when told that Billy Joe Saunders might retire following his loss to Alvarez last May.

“Training,’ said Canelo when asked how he developed his sharp reflexes. “All my life, I’m training.”

It’s doubtful that former two-division world champion Billy Joe Saunders will retire just yet.

He’s currently interested in facing Chris Eubank Jr. If the money is right, Saunders will take that fight. Depending on what happens in that fight, Saunders will retire or fight on.

Oddly, Saunder’s fight with Canelo made him more popular, even though he was stopped in eight rounds.

Being competitive with Canelo for six of those rounds was enough to build Saunders into a sought-after B-level opponent for different fighters.

Canelo knew Plant would attack him

“Something happens; I need to be ready,” said Canelo about him having his sunglasses in his hand when Plant came after him and slapped him with a left hook after being shoved during their face-off last Tuesday.

“I think, yes,” said Canelo on whether Plant was surprised when he fired back a right hand after being slapped in the face by him.

It was easy for Canelo to predict that Plant would come back at him to retaliate after he shoved him hard during their face-off.

When you shove someone the way Canelo did to Plant, it only makes sense to take your sunglasses off. Plant made the miscalculation of failing to take off his sunglasses when he chose to slap Canelo with a left hook.

It’s a common-sense move that you take your sunglasses off when you’re about to get involved in a physical altercation, and Plant reacted without thinking.

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